lawless_lawyer (lawless_lawyer) wrote,

27 Dresses

Saw this a little while back on my own. Have only now seen fit to comment.

Was not particularly happy with this movie. Was the tradition cliche of always a bridesmaid never a bride. Knew that going in. Guess when you work with a cliche this old people expect something new from it. to attck it from a new perspective. Unfortunately, like Jurassic Park 3, all the highlights from the movie were in the ads.

Best highlight: James Marsden...definitely perve worthy in this film on some level at least.

Characters were not very well formed and had more of a 2D personality to them than is usually required for any movie. Guess this is why it was so heavily marketed.

Anywho, not my best movie pick. But at least I should get free movie tickets out of it. Looks like I am turning back into my movie freakishness that I was back in High School...yay for me!

Next to see is Waterhorse (though this is almost gone from cinemas, so I will have to probably go sometime this weekend).
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